The Podcast Beginners training

Learn the real skills and tactics necessary for having a podcast that will impact your brand.

the perfect training foundation

More than a simple Google search. The Podcast Beginners Training is full of information that you can’t find anywhere else online. You’re getting access to unique systems that get people results.

years of experience in one course.

Coach Chris has been podcasting for years. He’s helped several entrepreneurs create shows that generate leads and showed them how to save even more time when creating their content. 

Podcasting to explode your business

Your business can use a podcast to expand its presence, grow an audience, and generate more leads. This program will show you unlimited possibilities.

trello time crunching

Learn how to use Trello so managing your podcast doesn’t become a job on top of your business.

Every tool you need for podcasting

We’re going to show you all of the tools you need to create a five-star podcast no matter who you are!

Get your first 1,000 subscribers

This program will help you get your show started and hit the ground running. Avoid being the host worried about getting subscribers, especially in the early days.

The Benefits

You don’t have to set yourself back 1-2 years struggling to learn everything by yourself. This professional training will get you on the fastest track to running a successful podcast.

  • Learn the basics and advanced tactics for podcasting

  • Access to systems that save time.

  • Get processes that make you more efficient.

  • The ability to create a show that will impact your brand.

  • A list of tools for developing a podcast with ease.

  • Content production systems to ensure quality.

  • Set up your show for long term success.

  • Understand how to interview, profile, and create amazing episodes with guests.

  • Learn how to monetize your show in various ways.

  • Get hundreds of subscribers before your show launches!

all for a one-time payment of $197.00

Hear what our clients have to say

"we've followed chris's directions. our podcast has been #3 in four different countries, our business is skyrocketing, we're getting up to 20+ leads in our podcasts a week..."

"chris is the guy to get you there.."

"chris's expertise in podcasting has helped me take everything to the next level, even as beginner...."

"if anyone is on the fence about checking it out, i must definitely say it is worth it."

The Full Course Curriculum

Take a look at what you will learn on your journey to running a five-star podcast.

  • Resources for your audience
  • How to promote your products/services
  • Key marketing services
  • Why Trello is useful
  • Setting up your show board
  • The basic audio tools
  • Interview tools
  • How to get new listeners
  • SEO from your website
  • What is your show worth?
  • How to find sponsors
  • Sign and execute
  • Consistent questions
  • Create your style
  • $1ok with SeatGeek
  • 3 Keys to long term deals

get started now for $197.00

Make the investment that will bring your podcast to new heights.