Episode: 04 - Group Economics

The Intelligent Rebel Squadcast has returned for the people and we are exciting to get started again! This episode, titled "Group Economics" is the first of many episodes in our "Solution Series" where we tackle the issues that plague the people, specifically black people. Practicing group economics is essential to our liberation so we decided to drop this to expand on its importance in our communities.

Black Business Mentioned in the Episode: TheBlackWealthBootcamp.com LolaAndDoe.com HealThySelf360.com MEnaturals.net FinesseHaven.com BlackSeedDiet.com HannibalIsAtTheGate.com / HotepLivesMatter.com DHealthStore.com RavineJewelryCo.com DJBleek.com BlackBottomArchives.com AfriTribeShop.com