Episode 07: Love & Addiction Ft. @YOUNGxJAN, SHIZ & Stink

When we think of addiction and addicts we tend not to think of what caused them to be in the position they're in. Whether it be experiencing trauma in life or just experimenting at a party, addiction runs rampant in the communities. This episode is here to shine a different light on addiction and addicts and how we can help them by getting a deeper understanding of what they're dealing with everyday. Contrary to popular belief, most addicts want to kick their substance abuse and if we do right by them they can reclaim the lives they were living before they became addicted. We also take a deeper look into the lives of the people that are affected by addiction second hand; friends and family of the addicts who suffer as well and how we can help them help their loved ones while also helping themselves. We are all in this together, and if one fails we all fail and when one succeeds we all succeed. Big thank you to Jan, Shiz & Stink for being amazing guests.