Episode 09: Local Politics As Usual (Ft. Councilman Jewell Jones, @WavyKirk & @KingJackThe4th)

In this episode I chop it up with the history making Councilman Jewell Jones of Inkster, Michigan on the importance of Local Government and the participation from the citizens who live there. We detail how getting involved in our local government allows us to change our communities in a major way. You want cleaner streets, homes and parks? Local government. You want to help stop the crimes in your community? Local government. Our local governments are the ones responsible for implementing actions on the behalf of the people, but it is the responsibility of the people to unite and have specific tangible detailed proposals that the politicians can push through. "It's a partnership" as King Jack said in the 2nd half of this call. Kirk and Jack share their thoughts on the importance of local government from the point of view of the average citizen. They share what they want to see changed in their communities of Detroit. We learn a lot from each other in this episode and I believe this episode will give the people a refreshed education on how to really make change in the places they live.