Episode 10: The Power of Energy (Ft. @NoEmployer, @MEnaturals, @ImNotHotImBlazn & @_CakeBawse)

In this episode DOE & friends speak on the importance of harnessing our energies. Whether positive or negative, energy has the ability to start or stop any endeavor a person sets out to do. Being able to keep a balance of energies is key to being a prosperous individual and we believe the more people are aware of this power the more of them will change their current circumstances for the better whatever they may be. In a round table type forum, the guests of this episode share their views on an array of topics going on within the black community and pop culture as well as share life experiences to back up their sentiments. This might be one of the more controversial ones that have been published as we give a barrage of unpopular opinions, but also very necessary for critical thinking. Listen to this episode with an open mind and try to digest this action packed feature of the Intelligent Rebel Squadcast.