How to Increase Your Value

We all want to be valued.

So shouldn't the goal be to increase our value?

When you apply for a job, everyone usually has to start from the bottom. But in some companies, there are people who come in as managers. Why is that? These people usually have some sort of experience as a manager or schooling that qualifies them to have that position. Their value is clearly higher than other employees that now work under them. No, I don't mean they're literally worth more in life. They're worth more to the company.

The goal in life should always be to increase your value. Everyday, some of your time should be spent focusing on growth. As humans we’re always moving. Either you’re improving or you’re on the downfall going in the wrong direction.

So how do you increase your value? How do you know if you’re making progress? One way is to gain knowledge. Learn.

"To have more, you simply must become more." -Jim Rohn

School Doesn't Give you Value

A big mistake people make is thinking that they can only learn from school. This is far from the truth. There are millionaires and extremely wealthy people who had no type of schooling after learning the basics.

Now, of course we need the basics. School is good for teaching us arithmetic, language and history. But you can’t learn the things you need to know about life in a classroom. These things must be learned on your own time.

College does give us the opportunity to learn a lot more. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go. All I’m saying is don’t depend on college to prepare you for life or make you a better, more valuable person. If college were so great for everyone who went, there wouldn’t be any unemployed people with degrees.

Success is something you attract by the person you become.
— Jim Rohn

Are you really different?

When I ask someone what true value they have, most people don’t have an answer. What is it that makes you different? How do you stand out from a crowd? Do you have any skills that most other people don’t have?

Another big problem we have is creating these online personas that give us a false sense of value. Very many people believe that having a large amount of followers means that they have value. This can bring you some sort of monetary reward or attention.

But the issue with social media is we can’t control it. If Instagram were to shut down, who are you? Who would you be if you’re Twitter was to become less relevant? These things don’t give us true value because they can be gone in seconds.

Lastly, value comes from being your own person. It is good to take advice, listen and learn from others. You should learn from things like this post and other self help books. But in the end, your decisions should always be your own. Don’t allow anyone to make choices for you. Learn the information, do your own research and make an educated decision.