3 Types of "Smart"

Intelligence can be categorized. There is more than one type of "smart." Understanding these different categories can be the difference between you growing to become a successful individual and you failing. 

1. Book Smart

These are people who usually have degrees. They've have some form of higher education. Book smart people probably went to some college and are very self aware. Being this type of smart is good for a few reasons. Mainly, for monetary purposes.

Book Smart people are usually able to exist in the same spaces as those that wealthy even if they haven't gain that status just yet. The issue with book smart folks is their inability to see past normal logic at times. In certain situations facts and statistics aren't necessary. Being book smart is not bad at all. Knowledge is extremely important.

2. Street Smart

Street knowledge can be very important. It can literally be the difference between life and death. People that possess this trait have superior fight or flight senses and are extremely aware of their surroundings. This type of smart is valuable in dangerous situations. 

Street smart people can make it in most dangerous areas of the world. The ability to survive is embedded in them. But this can backfire. Most people who are street smart don't know when to turn it off. This can be detrimental to ones character.

3. People Smart

This ability is unique. Most will say that they're people smart, but are you really? Can you talk to anyone about anything? Do you have the ability to get what you want out of others no matter what? While it may sound crude, it is very necessary at times.

Doctor Melvin L. Silberman wrote "PeopleSmart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence" in which he elaborates extensively on being people smart. Its described as the ability to network, understand others, resolve conflict and be a team player. A big part of this is being emotionally aware. Not only of yourself, but those around you. Those who are people smart are usually leaders and have a strong sense of purpose. 

All 3

Everyone will read this post and immediately say that they're all 3. Most people don't possess even two of these traits so having all 3 types of smart in your personality would make you truly amazing. It is possible to gain all three traits. With persistence and consistency, it is possible to gain all three traits and be a master in life.