Time Management

Time is one of the few things we can’t get back. Once you waste time, it’s gone. Part of being a successful adult is learning how to use your time wisely. Successful and wealthy people have the same time in a day that you do. We all get 24 hours. Let’s look at some tips to make better use of your time.

Keep Track

A great way to manage your time is to keep track of it. It has to go much deeper than telling yourself you’ll study at a certain time. You must have that time concrete in your brain, and stick to it. Create an activity log. This way you can track all of your movements for the day.

Don’t spend time, utilize time.
— Christopher Hines

In your activity log, be sure to track more than just the activity. Record the date, time, and a brief description. Also, record your feelings after you’ve finished the activity.

This process is useful for two different reasons. First, it eliminates time wasted. After starting the process and seeing how productive you are, it will be much more difficult to sit and do nothing. Secondly, you’ll take care of important tasks at a much higher rate. Labeling your important tasks for the day and completing them first will help you be productive.

Goal Setting

You have to know what you’re working for. Doing something for no reason is useless. Setting goals gives you a motive for your actions. As I stated in an earlier article, understand your ‘why’.

There is an efficient way to set goals. If you don’t set your goals properly, it can be easy to give up for lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish. SMART Goals can be used in any aspect of life. Lets break it down. (I’ll use weight loss as an example.)

Smart Goals

  • Specific. The goal must be well defined. Anyone who has knowledge on the subject should be able to understand the goal. The more details, the better. If you want to lose weight, how much weight?
  • Measurable. The goal has to be manageable. You should be able to track your progress on this goal daily. How much weight did you lose this week?
  •  Attainable. This is the very important why. Realizing that goals are reasonable, us humans become more willing to grow to achieve them.  Mentally, you begin to see yourself as worthy because of the work you put in.  After spending hours in the gym, you know it will eventually pay off.
  • Realistic. This is really self-explanatory. Goals can be high but they must be possible. Higher goals have been proven to be much more productive because they cause us to grow more and be highly motivated. You can’t expect to lose 50 pounds in a week.
  • Timely. Goals must be accomplished within a time frame. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds, set a deadline when that must happen.

Time management can lead to a large amount of success. You can spend four hours sitting in front of your books attempting to study, but are you truly utilizing your time if you spend hours suffering YouTube? Try tracking your activities consistently. You will begin to see where most of your time is being spent and then you can make adjustment to your daily habits.