Focus on You: A Short Excerpt from Major 3: Grow to Your Goals

While it’s easy to look at what others are doing, I strongly advise against it. Comparing yourself to other people is probably one of the worst things you can do. That type of thinking can be extremely unhealthy. You’ll always come up short if your measurement isn’t against yourself.

The only person in whom you should be comparing yourself to is you. A great example is how women look at the bodies of other ladies gracing the covers of magazines. Most women aren’t aware of the altering and enhancing that goes to fixing all of those pictures.  It’s an elaborate illusion. You can’t compare yourself to something that isn’t real.

We all have our path in life. Your way could be extremely different from someone else’s. Even if you’re the same age, come from the same neighborhood, the effects can alter someone completely. Maybe you got the do more traveling because you had family in different places. Maybe your friend knows a lot about business because their family owned a store. We all have different circumstances.

Yes, there are people on social media making millions of dollars for only taking pictures. There are even people that get paid just to make an appearance somewhere. Now more than ever, the easy way out seems to be glamorous. The people you idolize and those with the silver spoons can broadcast their every move directly into your life.

That life may not be for you. The path you are supposed to make is yours only. No one else is prepared to go on this road with you. There isn’t a person on earth that can take the path that the universe created for you.

We’ve all heard the saying “college isn’t for everyone.” Some people may need school for them to reach success. I have friends that wouldn't know what to do with their life if they didn’t have classes to attend. School and college provide structure. For those folks that have no idea what they want to do, school is usually the easiest road to take.

Others can be successful without sitting in one lecture. Steve Jobs only attended college for six months. The infamous Simon Cowell left school at the age of 17 after behavioral issues. Richard Branson is another billionaire that left school at the age of 16. The schooling route isn't in the cards for everyone the same way entrepreneurship isn't.

This a short excerpt from the book: Major 3: Grow to Your Goals by Christopher Hines. Purchase your copy now!