10. The Code of Conduct

What is a person if he/she doesn’t have a code to live by? A code of conduct is one of the most recognizable features of a well-functioning culture and group. What is our code of conduct as melanated people? I’m hard pressed to say that we have one that is actually constructive. A code of conduct should transmit a defined set of morals, norms, and behavior that individuals can adhere to for group protection and preservation. Today’s episode lays out a complete code of conduct as a stepping stone for collective, corrective action for melanated people. On this cast I discuss what a code of conduct is, why it’s important, and make parallels between the codes of conduct between different groups as a baseline to create our own. The goal of this podcast is to provide a framework for a code. If you choose to follow it verbatim, it will work. If you choose to amend it, I’d like to see your reasoning to open up community discourse and dialogue. After all, it’s just a starting point for progress. My social media contact info is below.

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