12. The Purge: Mind, Body, and Spirit Edition with @ProjectRook

We think that the only time we bury something or someone is when it’s broken or it dies. Ever stop to think that the reason that we act like the walking dead is because we’re walking graveyards? Within our temples we bury dead foods, dead thoughts, and dead energy. It takes a heavy toll on us in all phases and we wonder why we feel like zombies. You can’t ingest death and radiate life. Now that you know this, it’s time to purge the death from your being and resurrect the god body with the powerful sister D. Rook of the Project Rook podcast. We discuss various topics regarding health and wellness with the focus being on the purge, better known as detoxification. In order to rebuild a healthy structure, you must tear down what no longer serves you and rebuild the foundation. Detoxification is the key to rebuilding a healthy temple to complete the capstone. Find social media affiliations for Rook below and begin your common sense pursuit of health and wellness today!

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