14. Twitter Activists Fly the Coup ft. @Palmetto_Star

The internet has become a safe haven for gushing feelings out at every single turn. Black people, especially Black Twitter, has a terrible habit of doing this. People get online and spout their fancy words that show they’re well versed in oppression and victimhood. At the end of the argument, when everyone has sufficiently gotten their feels off, they crawl back under whatever rock they came out from under with no tangible work done for the community. Whatever shall we do about the Twactivist??? Today’s guest, @Palmetto_Star is here to emphasize that boots on the ground is worth more than any twitter rant you can go on. We’ll discuss why armchair activism is so appealing to people, what you can do to curb this in your own life, how to make tangible gains in your community, and how to organize with like-minded people near you. Find contact info for Palmetto below.

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