13. Bear Witness to the Power of Fitness ft. Ishabah Wilder

Black Americans on average have the worst lifestyles on the planet as far as health and fitness goes. Many of our communities are out of shape, overweight, and nutritionally deficient. The complacency that the Black community has towards fitness overall is out of control in this day and age and is detrimental to the group collectively. Further exacerbating the situation is that the forms of media we most often consume contribute to this by normalizing unhealthy behavior and body types. Sedentary people can’t fight a revolution. Today’s guest, Ishabah Wilder is here to emphasize the power that fitness has to transform you individually. We’ll discuss his time in the military, what fitness means to him, how fitness has influenced other things in his life, and why remaining physically fit after discharge has been one of the best things he’s done. Find contact info for Ish below.

Twitter: @Bestishever Facebook: Ishabah Wilder

Facebook Fitness Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/718637241485488/