Ep. 12 Free Speech Ft. @SamisCensored

The right to free speech is one of the most important rights. American citizens have. However when it comes to social media it seems this free speech is limited. Especially on twitter there seems to be a growing amount of censorship. There undoubtedly have been double standards and large hypocrisy in regards to what gets censored on twitter. It appears a certain demographic or subject matter can discuss or criticize anything, yet if somebody says something negative about them, they get censored. People need to understand Twitter is not real life and doesn't always accurately reflect real life situations. For some people, twitter is a highlight of their life and don't have anything else to show for it. Social media and Twitter is just the internet. If you have an issue with something simply just log out. Today we chop it up with @SamIsCensored about censorship, political correctness, and double standards.